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Jeno Boer jr. poet, filosof. Creatia literara si filosofica a lui Boer Jeno jr. poate fi socotita una dintre cele mai de seama opere ale centrului artistic de la Stremt, venita de la artistii din partea locului. Pe langa vremuri de dragoste si rugaciuni publicate in volumul ”Rugaciunile mele”, acesta a publicat o carte de filozofie ”Omul”, in care prezinta conceptia filosofica a participantilor la colonia artistica de la Diod, din jurul anului 1900.

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I asked to meet with Roseberry days after his banger launch at Bergdorf Goodman, where his friends, family, and fans gathered to celebrate the opening of Schiparelli’s first permanent space within the store. Today, he opens two more American points of sale inside Dover Street Market in New York and Los Angeles as well as a spot in DSM London, and I thought it would be both fun and informative to trace the parallels between Roseberry’s path to 21 Place Vendôme and Elsa Schiaparelli’s own—because there are many.
Schiaparelli came from a mystical family of scientists and astronomers; Roseberry is a Texas pastor’s son interested in astrology. She brought French irreverence to America from the 1920s to the 1940s; he’s bringing an American sensibility about celebrity, identity, nike air max 90 udsalg and freedom to France almost 100 years later. They are both Virgos.
But the parallels on paper are far less interesting than the ones lived. Like Elsa, Daniel has an urgent sense of creation, delighting in provocation, whether it’s cutting a couture dress in Hulk green with six pack abs for Kim Kardashian West or inserting gold-plated breasts on the front of a jacket, a knit, a blazer…almost anything! It’s a nettet nike air max 90 dame unique approach for a heritage brand in the pantheon of Parisian greats—especially now as archival re-releases and self-referential fashion is becoming not only popular, but the norm.
“When I started, there was an attitude that was very much about protecting the legacy of Elsa. That has now relaxed, because people know that I’m only here to amplify her work, and also because we’ve started to make our own iconography nike air max 97 gros so that Schiaparelli can mean something more than A Shocking Life. I think that’s what she would’ve wanted,” Roseberry says. “There is something so guttural about her work that I think is so much more interesting than filling a collection with too many references to the past.”

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